Viscata espadrilles for men

The big question: should men wear espadrilles?

At Viscata we think the answer is unequivocally, yes. But, I guess you’d expect that from an espadrille business. However, we know that not everywhere feels the same. In the United States, espadrilles are primarily seen as a beautiful, traditional Spanish shoe, for women.

Actually this perception couldn’t be further from the truth and today, when we are celebrating the International Men's Day we'd like to show you why we think the espadrille is an ideal option for both men and women.

Viscata for men and women Capsasal Suede Beige - Escala Red

Why can men also love espadrilles?

If you are looking for comfortable shoes to give your feet a well-deserved vacation, the espadrille is what you are looking for.

All across the world, men are embracing the espadrille, as they look for a casual, comfortable and smart alternative to traditional men’s shoes. In reality, it should come as no surprise, considering the espadrille was first developed as a fighting shoe for Spanish soldiers as long ago as the 13th century.

Since then, they have been born by everyone, from Salvador Dalí to President John F. Kennedy. Totally understandable, don't you think? In fact, there's more to the espadrille than meets the eye.

Salvador Dali wearing espadrilles

Espadrilles are super easy-to-wear and they share the breathability quality of a sandal but they're still elegant enough to wear with tailored trousers and a shirt for a sunny soirée. In fact, they have become a fashion mainstay for men across all of Europe and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Viscata's Portbou Demin Canvas Espadrilles

You’ve probably got a mental picture in your mind when I mentioned the word espadrille. Feminine, flirty, made of canvas, on a high jute wedge. You may even imagine straps running up someone’s leg in the traditional espadrille way. But the world has evolved massively and now the espadrille is making its mark in the world of men’s fashion.

They’re extra light, breathable and comfortable. And they are versatile enough to go with everything from a casual suit to your favorite pair of old jeans or chinos. But, they go particularly well with shorts - a refreshing and elegant change from the traditional leather sandals or sneakers with socks.

Viscata's Capsasal Suede Beige espadrilles for men

And if there is a more special occasion in the horizon, pair them with a lightweight trouser and a classic Oxford shirt for a sophisticated summer or autumn look that works every time.

Viscata Men's espadrilles Portbou Mesh

So, here’s a little guide for the men out there who are looking to up their game on the fashion stakes with a cool, casual and comfortable look. Shoes that are easy on the eye as well as on the feet.

5 ways to make the most of men’s espadrilles:

A beachfront essential

Maybe this can be the first and simplest option that comes to your mind when you hear the word espadrille. A comfortable and breathable shoe to replace your flip-flops/sandals when matching a summery look, including colorful swim trunks and a basic tee.

Viscata's Canvas espadrilles for the beach

We can't think of a more ideal shoe to go from the beach to the boardwalk and everywhere in between. These comfortable canvas staples can easily take you to the beach first and then for a nice meal to the restaurant or some drinks without seeming too laid-back or casual.

Our Sitges slip-ons are the perfect choice in this case. Lightweight enough to bust out even in the thickest heat and featuring a super-casual silhouette, these flat espadrilles look ideal around the beach and on the sidewalk.


A shortcut to casual style

Mediterranean style requires cool clothing. For obvious reasons, in the long hot Spanish summers, men retreat to their comfort zone. Shorts. But what do you wear with shorts to keep looking stylish and avoid looking like you’ve just rolled out of a hot tent?

Many people take the easy option and throw on socks and sneakers. A practical look, but not very elegant or sophisticated. Those with an interest in looking both smart and casual, turn to espadrilles. They work perfectly with shorts of any length, they are easy to pack for those weekends away and they integrate easily into almost any summer outfit.

Viscata espadrilles for men - shorts

Stronger than flip flops, more stylish than sneakers, these are the shoes that fashionable men will be wearing this year and every year. They also look great when paired with a high quality, lightweight linen shirt. A timeless classic that will never go out of style.

Viscata's Men espadrilles with linen shirt and shorts

Any type of espadrille actually works well with shorts but we think the perfect pair for this look is our Barcelona slip-on. A combination of a white short sleeve shirt and navy shorts is hard proof that a safe off-duty outfit can still be really interesting. A pair of striped navy and white espadrilles, for example, acts as the glue that brings this look together.


They're easy-fitting, with a moulded footbed for cushioning and a perfect construction from the sturdier cotton to the stitched panels and the perfect laid-back round toe shape.

Relaxed with jeans

Espadrilles are the perfect complement to traditional men’s jeans. Take a pair of distressed jeans and team them up with a pair of casual espadrilles to elevate your look from shabby chic to chic. Viscata has a range of men’s espadrilles in muted colors (or even denim) which will add a touch of class to create a casual and elegant style that takes you anywhere.


Wear them without socks and with rolled up jeans for a nautical look that will put you on the style map.

But if you are looking for a slightly smarter look with jeans, reach for a blazer or a shirt jacket, the perfect addition for an effortlessly sleek outfit.

The perfect pair we think is our Begur suede espadrilles, the perfect complement to your outfit for that special occasion, especially if you're looking for a simpler, more relaxed look.


Casual but smart

If you’re entering that difficult territory that inhabits the space between smart and casual, it can easily go wrong. Chinos fill that gap comfortably, but they don’t say stylish or elegant. They do day duck hunting and sailing.

However, with a little effort, you can elevate these Hamptons classics and turn them into something altogether more sophisticated. The best Chinos are the ones that are most lightweight - cotton generally works well. Go for a slimmer fit, if possible but keep them casually loose. Add a pair of our lightweight Portbou slip-ons (without socks) and even roll up the bottoms for a coolier look.

Portbou Demin Viscata's men's espadrilles with chinos

The result, a comfortable and relaxed look that combines the rumpled appeal of linen with a casual, but smart espadrille shoe. The East Coast look never goes out of style and don't be surprised if somebody asks you where you parked your boat.

Portbou Mesh Viscata's men's espadrilles with chinos

Suit yourself

Whilst unlikely to be the first combination to come to mind, under the right circumstances, this laid back type of footwear can be the perfect addition to a summer suit.

In fact, even though they might not got that well with too formal classic suiting, we strongly believe that espadrilles are a worthy companion to an unstructured linen two piece, for example.


Hem length should be considered as linen trousers should not have a break at the hem and the bigger the cuff, the better. Color is also an important feature to keep in mind. Pale hues naturally offer a more relaxed vibe and are more likely to work with espadrilles.

Medes Suede Slip Ons Viscata espadrilles for men

The perfect pairs to match your suits are our classic and elegant Capsasal and Medes suede slip-ons.

Capsasal Suede Slip Ons Viscata espadrilles for men

There is one Viscata espadrille for each occasion and personal style. Just pick your favorite from our super stylish collection and embrace this timeless shoe.

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