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More Useful Information About Espadrilles

You'll probably want to know a bit more about your new espadrilles and learn useful tips for their care. Check these out!

How to care for your espadrilles

Can espadrilles be washed?

Espadrilles are not suggested to be washed often as they are naturally breathable and the jute sole should be always be kept away from water. The uppers can be hand washed with the help of a small brush for canvas/linen or use specific cleaning products for suede and leather.

Can espadrilles be put into the washing machine?

Machine wash is not recommended for espadrilles. Instead, we suggest using a soft brush, gentle detergent and water to clean the canvas/ linen uppers. Let the shoe air dry for several days to make sure that they are completely dry. The shoes should be as good as new.

Are espadrilles waterproof?

Although espadrilles’ soles are normally protected with a layer of rubber they must be kept away from water. If the shoes get wet by accident, just make sure to air dry them completely and the shoes should be ready to wear again like a new one.

Can espadrilles get wet?

Espadrilles should not get wet as the bottom jute soles could be damaged. If you unexpectedly get caught in the rain or your shoes get wet by accident, just let them air dry.

Can espadrilles be repaired?

Due to the natural fibers of its materials and the complexity of the handcrafting espadrilles will be better repaired by a clobber, who will assess the damage and the options to fix them.

Why do espadrilles smell?

Smell in the espadrilles comes from the odor caused by feet bacteria. Espadrilles are actually very well known for keeping your feet fresh thanks to their natural materials, but the use of baby powder, baking soda on the insoles or feet antiperspirant can also help to avoid bad smell.

Specific features of espadrilles

Are espadrilles breathable?

Espadrilles are biodegradable as they are made with natural materials that come from plants. A 100% natural fiber (jute) is used for the bottoms and for the uppers the most common fabrics are cotton canvas or linen. These materials provide feet with the necessary freshness when the temperatures are high.

Can espadrilles work in winter?

Espadrilles are now deemed the new summer must-have shoe but we can't underestimate this comfortable and versatile footwear as it can work really well beyond the sunny dry season and be also the perfect style to transition into fall. For winter, it pretty much depends on the locations’ climate.

Can espadrilles be worn in fall?

Although espadrilles are commonly associated with the spring and summer months, this type of footwear has proved itself to be perfect to transition into the fall season and leather or suede variants can easily be worn during these months too.

Are espadrilles suitable for wide feet?

Nowadays, espadrilles come in so many different shapes and widths that they can be suitable for both narrow and wide feet. For the latter, we recommend to avoid pointed ended shapes as these normally feel tighter on the toe box.

Are espadrilles suitable for both men and women?

Espadrilles are so versatile that some of the styles, such as flat slip-ons, can easily be worn by men and women alike. This type of footwear is comfortable, very easy to wear and super stylish so it can be worn by men and women of all ages and styles.

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