Roses Suede Espadrilles - Cherry

Meet our Leather and Suede winners for Fall

Welcome Fall! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ‚

It's almost leather weather, which is actually the best part of fall, don't yout think? In fact, for many, a fall wardrobe is not complete without some form of leather (or vegan leather). Recent trends point at leather skirts, shorts or dresses as the pieces to update a cool weather wardrobe but like leather, suede is also a winner on the autumn runways.

The question is no longer if, but how leather will be styled in the months to come. Apart from the classic camel color and the timeless black, leather now comes coloured, in other fun options like pastel palettes, lively reds and grey shades.
This year, more than ever, we are also going back to the 80's style and there is loads of volume on the shoulders area.

Viscata ๏ปฟalso offers a great variety of styles in Spanish premium leather and softest suede in multiple tones. Each and every one of them will be a perfect match to any of your looks for this fall. Let's have a look at our best options.


We just said it. This is the material on focus this fall. Viscata always uses premium leather skins which will feel buttery soft on your feet out of the box.

We'd like to present you our wonderful leather styles categorised according to their heel height.

1. Wedges

Thanks to their clean and feminine shape, and definitely also to their history, maybe more than any other shoe style pumps inspire an idea of elegance. Viscata's two iconic pumps the Marquesa and the Roses wedges are, in fact, the best representatives of this elegance.

With its rounded toe and its 3.25 inches the Marquesa pump is the office-appropriate wedge that you will also be able to take for an after-work evening. You can currently choose them in five leather variants and four suede options (see next section), all in neutral and also more vibrant colors to match each of your fall outfits.

Marquesa Leather Wedge Pumps - Sahara Brown

Marquesa Leather Sahara Brown

But if you are looking for a pointed-ended lower version we also have the perfect solution for you: the Roses wedge. Be daring and choose a pair of these beautiful pumps with personality and style them simply with your favourite dress or distressed denim.

The pointed toe adds length to your legs so you can play with volume and wear them with wide leg trousers too, just keep the top half fitted. Pick your favourite variant between the five leather options or the twelve suede colors (see details in the section below)

Roses Leather Wedge - Diesel Black

Roses Leather Wedge - Black

2. Flatforms and sneakerdrilles

One trend in particular that was impossible to ignore the last few seasons and that is still ongoing is the "sneakerdrilles": the result of sneakers and espadrilles becoming one.

Viscata is always very interested in listening to what their customers like and suggest and we could not help but give them the opportunity to enjoy this new type of espadrille. There are two styles that can be also ideal to combine with your laid back fall looks: the Vigata and the Joana platform espadrilles. Two different styles of "sneakerdrille".

Vigata Leather Lace-Up Platform Espadrilles

The Vigata leather espadrille, both sporty and stylish, represents a chic and elevated version of the lace-up sneaker. Its combined rubber and yute outer sole is especially designed to take you around town or on your next adventure. You can find it in four variants: Black Sheen, Espresso Sheen, Ivory, and Silver Sheen.

Vigata Leather Platform Espadrille - Espresso Sheen

Vigata Leather Lace-up Platform Espadrilles

Joana Leather Platform Espadrilles

But if, on the contrary, you are more keen on an easy slip on sneakerdrille, the best choice is the Joana leather platform. It shares the combined outer sole with the Vigata but with a knotted detail that ornaments its velcro closure for easy fastening. Slip on them and experience superior comfort and effortless style all day long! Available in Black, Navy, Ivory and Sahara Brown.

Joana Leather Platform Espadrilles - Ivory

Joana Leather Knotted Platform Espadrilles - Ivory


Itโ€™s no secret, suede is reminiscent of the past, but you can still have fun with it. A good pair of suede espadrilles will undoubtedly make you look chic and very special.

1. Wedges

We already mentioned our best sellers Marquesa and Roses in the leather section. Here you have some samples of their variants in suede.

Marquesa Suede Wedge Pumps - Navy

Marquesa Suede Wedge Pumps  - Navy

Marquesa Suede Wedge Pumps - Navy

Roses Suede Wedge Pumps - Cream

Roses Suede Wedge Pumps - Cream

Roses Suede Wedge Pumps - Cherry

Roses Suede Cherry

Roses Suede wedge Pumps - Tangerine

Roses Suede Tangerine

We will all agree that an ankle strap is always a nice finishing touch. Viscata's iconic Pubol Wedges, with its stabilizing ankle strap, are surely made for long, slow walks through fall leaves. Following the most recent fashion trends, you can find this style in vibrant fresh suede colors like Tangerine, Mustard and Cherry, basic tones featuring bicolor jute bottoms as well as other classic shades.

Pubol Suede Espadrille Wedges - Bicolor Jute Black

Pubol Suede Espadrille Wedges - Bicolor Jute Black

Pubol Suede Espadrille Wedges - Cherry

Pubol Suede Espadrille Wedges - Cherry

Are you one of those super fans of laces? Then, we would like to show you three very trendy styles that will totally get you into the fall mood. In fact, this fall laces are still front and center on everything from pumps to mules. Besides, the great thing about Viscata's lace-up shoes is that they do not require setting aside extra time to wrap up.

If you fell in love with our Marquesa style but lace-up shoes that criss-cross and wrap around the ankle are your style du jour, Viscata's Romani Suede Wedge Pumps will definitely be your choice.

For sure, this lace-up wedges are a fantastic option for dressy escapades. Pair them with an LBD or some jeans for a night out with friends and you will surely get complimented!

Romani Suede Lace-up Pumps- Camel

Romani Suede Lace-up Pumps- Camel

The second option we want to present you are the Aro Suede wedges. They come in four basic tones: black, ash, navy and camel and by featuring some flirty ankle ties they are great fun yet sophisticated.

Aro Suede Wedges- Black

Aro Suede Wedges - Black

On the other hand, if you are more into the classic traditional Mediterranean espadrille look, your favorite style will definitely be our Fosca wedge. We have also added lively colors to this best seller: mustard and tangerine.

Fosca Suede Lace-up Wedges - Tangerine

Last but not least, one of the best 80's/90's fashion trends, the slingback shoes, are again all the rage at the moment, often described as the real deal among fashionistas.

Slingbacks are perfect transitional footwear options standing somewhere in between classic pumps and summer sandals. They are actually ideal for wearing (almost) year round, since they are great spring and summer shoes that can be proudly donned in the first fall months as well.

We recommend you to try our Palomera wedge: smart and super stylish. We've got ten beautiful variants in suede for this attractive style, including an on-trend leopard print and two variants featuring bicolor jute bottoms.

Palomera Suede Wedge with Bicolor Jute bottoms

Palomera Suede Black Bicolor Jute

We wouldn't like to finish this section without mentioning one of our best sellers from our latest ss20 collection: the Truja mule.

Only a very few sizes are still left in stock but we are sure this will be a total winner this fall and next year too. It comes in basic colors, black and camel, but more shades will definitely be added next season. What color would you like to see this in?

Truja Suede Espadrille Mules - Black

Truja V-Cut Wedge Mule - Black

2. Flatforms and Sneakerdrilles

Another nice addition to your casual/sporty wardrobe is definitely our beautiful Ravener Suede sneakerdrille. They represent the perfect marriage between the comfort of sneakers and the effortless chic look of espadrilles.

Ravener Suede Sneakerdrilles - Beige

Ravener Suede Lace - Up Platform Espadrilles - Beige

Ravener Suede Sneakerdrilles - Navy

Ravener Suede Lace - Up Platform Espadrilles - Navy

3. Flats

Last but not least we can't forget to mention one of our new SS20 flats: the Estasia suede espadrilles. They will be your new favorite footwear to go everywhere :) You can find them in the most combinable tones Camel, Navy and Black and their D'Orsay shape gives them a very stylish touch.

Estasia Suede Flat espadrilles - Navy

Estasia Suede Flat Espadrilles - Navy

We are sure you already have your favourite style to match all your fall outfits and if not, do get decided soon!! :)

Shop our premium collection of leather and suede espadrilles.

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