5 Romantic Espadrilles by Viscata

Fall in love again this Valentine’s Day! 5 romantic espadrilles to set your heart a-flutter.

We know that for some, this year’s Valentine’s Day might feel slightly unusual. But fear not, Cupid still has some arrows to fire off and love is in the air. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll be spending the day in the arms of someone you love. But for others, it might not be so easy to slip into that romantic mood. Social distancing, lockdown rules and restaurant closures mean that Valentine’s Day 2021 might not be quite the way you expect it. But we don’t think that should stop you looking beautiful!

So, if you’re looking to dress to impress on this romantic day, Viscata definitely has the shoes for you. We thought we’d make things a little easier by sharing 5 beautiful, smoking-hot espadrilles that are sure to put the romance back in your life.

From flirty romantic espadrilles to sexy red styles that will get the temperature soaring, these are the shoes that you’ll want to look beautiful in this Valentine’s Day. They’re guaranteed to melt even the hardest of hearts.

5 Romantic Espadrilles to make your heart beat

5 heartbreakingly beautiful Viscata’s for Valentine’s Day

Addicted to pumps?

It’s hard not to feel sexy in a pair of high heels. But not everyone feels comfortable wearing them. No worries.

At Viscata we’ve got the perfect alternative to high heels that combine casual comfort with glamour.

You’ll never go wrong with a pair of our Roses wedge pumps. They’ll make any outfit look ultra-sophisticated.These are the shoes that you’ll reach for in your closet for years to come. From your desk to your dinner party, slip on a pair of these stunning pumps and instantly feel elegant and feminine. These versatile shoes are perfect for any occasion.

Roses Wedge Espadrille Pumps

Available in canvas, suede or premium leather they’re breathable and extra soft, so you know they’ll feel comfy straight out of the box. Plus, you can choose almost any color you want to match your outfits. And if we don’t have the shade you’re looking for, just let us know. We’re always open to suggestions!

Versatile and glamorous, you can wear these sexy pumps with almost everything from simple separates to glamorous clothes for your big night out. These are classics that will stand the test of time.

Viscata Roses Espadrille Wedge Pumps

Let Escala show off your pretty ankles

You’ll find it easy to keep the endless summer vibe going in these cuties! Our iconic Escalas perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the Mediterranean’s paradise beaches. In fact, if you close your eyes while you wear them you’re sure to hear the sound of waves crashing against the seashore. Daydreaming? No! Your Viscata espadrilles really can take you anywhere you want.

Viscata Escala Canvas Espadrille Laceup Wedges

Our Escalas are the perfect example of a classic espadrille with just a little wink of just charm you’re looking for. So, if you’re aiming for a timeless yet on-trend look, this is easily your best choice.

Escala Canvas Espadrille Lace-up Wedges

A wide palette of colors, more edgy track sole bottoms and colored jute soles are some of the great options you’ll have if you decide to pick a Escala wedge.

These lace-up wedges are super easy to wear, stylish and practical. Comfort and versatility, what else could you wish for?

Viscata Escala Canvas Espadrille Laceup Wedges

Fashion-forward vibes with the Estartit wedge

For those who want to enjoy fun through fashion but who also want to stay comfy, slipping into a pair of Estartirts could be the perfect solution.

Now’s the time to dial up the glam with a little extra splash of oomph.

These creative and effortlessly elegant shoes deliver on all fronts. Red is definitely the star color this Valentine’s Day and who can resist a pair of vibrant red shoes? As the fashion experts say, “if in doubt, wear red!”

Estartit Canvas Espadrille Wedges

These little beauties will add an extra edge to your everyday look or a splash of intense color to your favorite night-out. But if you’re looking for something more neutral or discreet, no worries. Luckily, our Estartit wedges also come in basic colors that will combine easily with all your outfits.

Viscata Estartit Canvas Espadrille Wedges

We’ve given an edgy twist to a classic ankle tie wedge by adding eye-catching colored jute bottoms.

Let your new Viscatas steal the show and make a real fashion statement whenever you slip them on.

Simplicity: the key to true elegance

Elegance is not about being noticed, it is about being remembered. Sometimes you need to have the courage to keep things simple and classic. As always,the key is to stick to what makes you look and feel good.

The Formiga low wedge is a real style saviour for those who don’t fancy being perched on top of high heels for long hours.These extra comfortable, easy to carry wedges will become your new “on the move” shoes. Because (as I’m sure you’ll agree) your everyday run around shoes should be flattering too.

Formiga Canvas Espadrille Wedges

Our Formiga are functional, stylish and flexible enough to dress your outfit up or down, whatever the occasion. In fact, these Formiga wedges are the classic 9-to-5 shoe that will never let you down.

Pick your favorite Formiga style or its twin style Pubol from our wide selection of colors and materials. Viscata has the widest range of espadrilles available online, so you can be sure that we’ll always have the perfect espadrille for you.

Viscata Pubol Canvas Espadrille Wedges

Beach vibes only!

We know, we know. We’re all craving that gorgeous feeling of the sun and the sea breeze in our face. We’re all hoping that this year we’ll be able to make up for the lost summer of 2020.

For some, beaches are synonymous with flip flops. But for anybody who feels that flip flops are a bit clumsy, we’ve got the perfect alternative. Our Mediterranean avarca sandals are originally from the Spanish island of Menorca (a true paradise of turquoise beaches) and they’ve been worn for centuries.

Viscata Ciutadella Platform Avarca Sandals

Slip into a pair of our Ciutadella platform-soled avarcas and you won’t have to worry if you want to meet friends for an evening drink after a hard day at the beach. These cool shoes will help you glide effortlessly from your sunbed, down the promenade and on to the beach for a beautiful dinner with a view.

Viscata Ciutadella Platform Avarca Sandals

Viscata’s avarcas are all about comfort, durability and ease. If platform soles aren’t your thing, check out our other styles including the simpler lines of our classic Menorquinas.

Viscata Menorquina Avarca Sandals

Gift your bestie a Galentine’s Day gift (or just treat yourself!)

Ever heard of Galentine’s Day? It’s a recently invented holiday that takes place on the day before Valentine’s Day. It was first seen in an episode of American Comedy “Parks and Recreation” over a decade ago. Since then it has crossed the line from fiction to tradition. It’s a reaction to Valentine’s Day and is dedicated to celebrating your love for your female friends. These days, we can’t take anything for granted. Maybe you aren’t THAT into celebrating V- Day or maybe you don’t have a special sweetheart at the moment.

Viscata Estartit Canvas Espadrille Wedges

If so, Galentine's Day could be the holiday for you. How about treating one of your best friends to something for Galentine’s Day? After all, that’s why it was created. We think it’s a fantastic way to share your love. Or better still, it’s a great excuse to love yourself. We've all been through a lot over the last year and now, more than ever, we all deserve some affection. Or even a new pair of shoes!

All you need is love and new shoes

At Viscata we celebrate our differences. And we love the fact that people don’t always follow the herd. So, this year, do it your way. You can celebrate however you want.

Either enjoy V-Day with your special one, or have a fun Gal’s Day with your besties. Or you could simply celebrate life by treating yourself to something nice. We’re all worth it and Viscata will have the perfect gift for everybody.

Viscata Espadrille Wedges

Keep the spark alive with Viscata

So, there you are - put some passion in your life. And don’t forget, these sexy styles are available all year round. Romance is always alive and well at Viscata. Remember, nothing puts the spark back better than a pair of red hot, sexy shoes!

Viscata's Estartit Canvas Espadrille Wedges

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