Fall Colors and Autumn Espadrilles for Footwear Fashionistas

Fall Colors and Autumn Espadrilles for Footwear Fashionistas

Fall is a funny time of year. From the possible unexpected heat of an Indian summer to the chill thrill of seeing your breath in the air for the first time, fall can be hot, cold, wet, windy and everything in between. One thing is for sure - summer already feels a long way away. But please don’t pack away those espadrilles just yet.

Our Viscata espadrilles can last the whole year round if you plan your wardrobe right. With the widest range of espadrilles available on the web and a rainbow of colors that will ensure that there’s a combination that will suit every style in your wardrobe, this could be your season.

Rainbow of colors Viscata Espadrilles

Here at Viscata, we’re constantly devouring fashion blogs and style magazines to make sure that we’re right on top of the trends for every season. Because we know that if you look good, we look good :)

So, let’s take a look at what colors are going to keep you at the front of the style pack this Fall/ Winter 2020. Whatever your style, Viscata is bound to have a color combination for you.

Fall fashion trends

Looking back, it’s been a strange year for fashion - it’s hard to strut your stuff when Coronavirus is keeping everything closed. But regardless of the Covid catastrophe, you need to make the most of those occasions when you are (finally) allowed out.

Seasonal color trends change every year, but the Autumn palette remains fairly fixed - you can count on earthy shades, warmer tones and more natural colors. This year is no exception.

Pantone's Autmunal color palette 2020

In fact, the folks at Pantone (who are the kings of color) have predicted that these are going to be the must have hues to get you through the winter blues. Here’s what they have to say:

Pantone predictions

“The color palette for fall 2020 highlights versatile, timeless color, reflecting a less-is-more mindset”, according to Leatrice Eisemann, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

“Colors whose timelessness and versatility convey a level of functionality and at the same time, lend themselves to unique color statements that really stand out.”

So, what are these magical colors that we can expect to see as we step out this fall?

Expect rich, deep burgundies and unexpected pops of orange amongst other colors - some expected and some surprising.

10 cool colors for fall

Here are the 10 fall color trends that will keep you looking like a style icon whatever the weather is like outside.

Red, red wine

Burgundy is one of those fall colors that we have come to expect, so it should be no surprise to find it on our list for this year. This year, expect to see everything from sexy cherry reds to deep, inviting dark wine hues.

Burgundy AW2020

Big, robust red colors will be seen in a range of textures and fabrics including everything from leather trousers to relaxed knitwear - color combinations that will make your look even more sophisticated for 2020.


Deep blues

While practically every shade of blue has had its moment on the runways this year, it is the powerful, strong and vibrant hues that are going to be the standout colors this year.

Look out for deep, rich blues that add a confident richness to your outfit. We’ve already spotted this on everything from stunning coats to elegant dresses. All just waiting to be matched with a stunning pair of Viscata espadrilles.

Blue AW20

50 shades of gray

While the rest of us are struggling, gray is having a great year. This neutral color looks good all year round but it really comes into its own in the fall. After dominating the catwalks earlier this year, it is now dominating head to toe looks and is featuring heavily in everything from suits to overcoats.


This year, you can find gray appearing prominently in a range of fabrics, textures and silhouettes. For maximum impact, make the most of your tonality by mixing up shades and fabrics with everything from arctic gray to dark ash.


Green celery

An unusual color choice, the green-yellow of celery was a key feature of fall collections earlier this year, appearing on everything from silk dresses to knits and from tweed skirts to headwear.

Celery has an unmistakable vegetal feel and its botanical overtones will keep your spirits up during those dark nights, adding a sense of style to those neutral clothes.


Almond oil

This year saw almond oil break through into the mainstream. We saw romantic ensembles in dreamy, creamy colors bathing you from head to toe in warm off-white shades.

For an elegant, modern and luxurious look go for ivory suiting or almond oil colored knits for a soft, elegant image that will set you apart.


Orange is not the only fruit

While some parts of the world are covering up to beat the cold, others still have the sunshine. For those people, there's still time to enjoy some winter citrus.

For the rest of us, we’ll just have to wear it. Keep an eye out for shades of orange making an appearance in combination with everything from blue denim to leather. Orange is making a comeback, delivering a surprising sense of creativity and confidence to your wardrobe.

Orange AW20

Black is back

Black never really goes out of fashion and anybody who says it’s a bit boring needs to think again.

This year, you’re going to see black appearing in everything from capes to puff sleeves and from fringed outfits to cut outs. Black is definitely back this fall. Or did it ever really go away? It's not the black but the way you accessorize it that will really make you stand out from the crowd.


Top up the tan

Beige is not always a color that elicits much excitement. But this year, it has been in fashion like never before. The fashion world fell in love with it in 2020 and that passion shows no sign of fading yet.


Beige appeared everywhere and in lots of tones and varieties. Everything from pale-pink camel to warm, sandy tones, beige is everywhere. Our favorites are the deeper, woodsy tan colors and the toffee tones that are cropping up on everything from leather to the most luxe of fabrics.


Military olive

Everything from silk to leather and from quilted materials to synthetics, deep olive tones have been setting the pace this year. That trend is set to continue as we head into fall, making it easy to add a touch of military chic to your autumn adventures.


Purple layers

Purple is always a bold choice and those who are reluctant to take a fashion risk can turn their attention to a softer magenta hue in the color spectrum.


However, even the magenta color can be too daring for some people. Don't worry, the lilac shade is coming to rescue us! With more and more of our favorite brands releasing statement pieces in this gorgeous tone we can call lilac the color of the season, possibly of the year, as it has been a stand out during last summer too.

From cozy knits to sophisticated gowns you will find lilac an extremely flattering option.

Lilac AW20

Now that you’ve got all these colors in mind, check out our range of espadrille wedges, flatforms and platforms (as well as our range of leather shoes) to find the color that suits you best. But why wear espadrilles in the fall season?

Not just for summer...

Espadrilles never go out of style. These beautiful shoes have been footwear classics ever since Yves St. Laurent featured them on his 70s catwalk shows. Since then, they have always been in fashion. In fact, in this world of social media, blogging and influencing, they’re probably still all over your Facebook page and Instafeed.

When most people think espadrille, they think summer. But with the right model of shoes and the right Fall style combinations, you will find they are much more versatile than you probably ever thought. Celebrities have already fallen for their charms, with everyone from Pippa Middleton to Jennifer Aniston and from Gwyneth Paltrow to Anne Hathaway photographed wearing these gorgeous Spanish shoes.

Celebs wearing espadrilles

When you picture someone wearing espadrilles, you’re probably imagining someone in a floaty summer dress, wearing sunglasses, a wide brimmed hat and elegant wedges (probably set against an impossibly beautiful Mediterranean backdrop!).

Espadrilles with a floaty dress, sunnies and straw hat

But life isn’t always an endless summer and it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little imagination you can extend the espadrille season right through the colder months and on into Spring. Espadrilles are the perfect shoes to wear with jeans, dresses, leather trousers and business suits, whatever the season of the year.

Wedge espadrilles with jeans

You are only limited by your imagination, so here are a few autumnal ideas that will get you thinking about the espadrille in a different way. Happy styling!

What style is best for you?

These days, espadrilles come in all shapes and sizes - and the fashion combinations are limitless. We’ve taken the 3 most popular styles of espadrilles and suggested ways that you can wear them that will extend espadrille season right through those cold months and into next year.

The classic

Tracing its roots back to 14th century Spanish footsoldiers, the espadrille has come a long way. The traditional espadrille remains a slip on shoe with a canvas top and built on a sturdy jute sole. This, combined with centuries of craftsmanship and techniques passed down from generation to generation have evolved over the years into a comfortable, solid and extremely versatile shoe.

Viscata's Slip on espadrilles

We all know that these classic espadrilles shine brightest during the summer months, but classics like these are versatile enough to wear all year round. Match them with your favourite pair of old jeans for a relaxed, comfortable feel - perfect to wear around the house while dreaming of sunnier days.

High heeled espadrilles

Parties don’t stop when the summer ends. They just change. So, when the terraces are closed and the beach parade is over for the season, don’t pack away your espadrilles. There are still cocktail parties to attend and soirees to be whisked off to.

Viscata Espadrilles high wedges with smart dress

So, if the dress code is smart casual, then high heeled espadrilles are exactly what you need. Not only are they stylish, elegant and sexy but they give your feet ample support - and they look great with a sexy cocktail dress. These days, wedges are all the rage and our espadrille wedges will add a little extra dose of allure to your glamorous autumn evenings.

Viscata Espadrilles high wedges with smart dress

Pump it up

Pumps are yet another versatile style of espadrille that are a little more robust than some of the other styles. These shoes have reinforced soles and are comfortable enough to carry you comfortably through the day and on into the night.

They work really well with skirts and maxi-type dresses to spice up your evening outfits.

Viscata's Roses Wedge Pumps

These are also the perfect complement to skinny jeans and a light top. So, just turn up the heat and pretend it’s summertime again.

Viscata's Roses Leather Wedge Pumps

So, wear your espadrilles and be delighted to watch the leaves turn, breath the crisp and fresh air or take part in a typical fall activity.

Stay safe and healthy and, despite the testing times we are living, never forget to get excited about all the good things happening around you.

It's the little things that matter the most.

Photos of NY fashion Runway via Vogue.

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