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Espadrilles & Fashion

We all love espadrilles, don't we? But in terms of fashion, are we making the right decision when we opt for this type of footwear?

All the answers to your questions here.

Will espadrilles go out of style? Espadrilles can never get outdated, can they?

Espadrilles are definitely a smart investment since season after season they have proved to remain on trend despite the different temporary fashions that come and go. Versatile, functional and stylish, they will easily match all your outfits no matter the occasion.

When and where should we wear espadrilles?

Espadrilles are so versatile that you can wear them with almost everything and for every occasion. They can be easily dressed up and down so they will easily take you from the office hours to the after hours. Commonly related to warmer weather, espadrilles are also very appropriate for fall.

Can we wear espadrilles to a wedding?

Yes, actually in the last few years espadrilles have become a summer staple and many brides and guests have opted for their comfort and more laid-back style to casual and semi-formal celebrations. Needless to say that even for a more formal setting they can still be very appropriate.

How can you style espadrilles? (Espadrilles and dresses/ espadrilles and jeans ..)

Espadrilles are very versatile and easy to combine depending on the occasion:
  1. Flats / Flatforms with jeans or shorts for a casual look.

  2. Wedges with a nice flattering dress for a special event.

  3. Wedge pumps with a pencil skirt and a blouse or a tailored suit for the office.

How do men style espadrilles?

Slip on espadrilles will go great with Bermuda pants and a basic t-shirt for a more laid-back look.

On the other hand, for a look still not formal but more dressed up, lace-up espadrilles can be combined with a pair of distressed jeans or chinos and a casual shirt.

Can you wear espadrilles with socks?

Espadrilles are recommended to be worn without socks. They are comfortable to walk in and made of very breathable materials so your feet will feel fresh and cool 24/7.

However, the use of socks is not forbidden either. It pretty much depends on the way you feel more comfortable.

What can you wear espadrilles with?

Espadrilles are a very versatile and easy to combine footwear. For women, they can match jeans or shorts and even a nice flattering dress. For men, espadrilles can be the perfect alternative to conventional summer footwear paired with a linen shirt and jeans / chinos or a tee and shorts.

Espadrilles vs sneakers

Sneakers are super comfortable and practical and a real wardrobe staple. However, espadrilles can be more appropriate to keep your feet fresher and cooler when the temperatures rise. Besides, you can find them in many more different heights and silhouettes which makes it easier to combine with all your outfits.

Espadrilles with ties or laces

Lace up espadrilles are definitely one of most preferred styles thought it might be tricky to tie the laces in a secure and aesthetic manner. There are several ways to do it, depending on your personal taste but they will all visually extend the leg in a flattering way.

Why are espadrilles so popular?

Authentic espadrilles are popular because of its unique traditional and classic natural design of fiber rope-like material, handcrafted by high skilled artisans from Spain. Over the years their traditional handcrafting design has also been updated with modern prints, colors and materials that blend with current fashion trends.

Are espadrilles good for your feet?

Espadrilles are one of the most appropriate footwear during summer: they are very breathable which is great during the warm season, lightweight which makes them ideal for long strolls along the beach and extra comfortable because they stretch and mold to your feet after a few wears.

Are espadrilles comfortable?

Espadrilles are extremely comfortable:

1. They are super lightweight, which is greta for long walks.

2. They are also extra breathable, adding comfort during the warm season.

3. Finally, espadrilles also adjust and mold to the feet after a few wears so they feel good almost out of the box.

Espadrilles vs boat shoes

Boat shoes are perfect when you are aiming at a laid-back look with a relaxed nautical vibe. Espadrilles can add the extra comfort and freshness your feet need for all your casual summer looks. They are lightweight, breathable and have attractive designs in a wide selection of colors and materials.

Are espadrilles office-friendly shoes?

Espadrilles can be the perfect choice to match your office attire. Either go for a nice pump, slingback or a covered toe shoe with a strap. They look formal, give a nice comfort fit and also let you stay in them for all day long without any feeling of tiredness.

Are espadrilles versatile?

The unique and classic look of espadrilles is versatile in all fashion trends. From simple casual wear that you would love during summer, espadrilles have been elevated to be one of the favorite footwear during special events like weddings or even smart casual attires in the office.

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