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Designing and Producing Espadrilles

Hi Espadrille Lovers!

As you may know, espadrilles are footwear suitable for both men and women. The soles are traditionally made of jute, a 100% natural fiber. Nowadays, you can find espadrilles in an attractive palette of colors, materials and prints and varied heights too. They actually blend traditional handcrafting with ultra-modern designing in a perfect manner.

Here is more information on their design and production:

How are espadrilles made?

Espadrilles are commonly handmade by artisans due to its detailed process of shaping and stitching. First, the jute, a 100% natural fiber is braided and shaped and then the fabric materials used for the uppers are cut out into the correct shape and attached to the sole with blanket stitches.

Why are espadrilles so expensive?

We can say that espadrilles are reasonably priced as the materials used are all natural. Their cost is usually affected by the availability of materials and the general demand but the quality and design of espadrilles always makes them a smart investment.

Will espadrilles stretch? Do they have to feel tight?

Yes, espadrilles can feel a bit tight out of the box. However, like other shoes they will also stretch and mold comfortably to your feet after a few wears. Help them stretch by wearing them with your socks on hairdryer heat will allow the materials to loosen a bit.

How should espadrilles fit?

Espadrille footwear normally feels a little tight out of the box because of the natural materials used. Therefore, it is sometimes recommended to try them even if they feel a bit snug as the shoes will stretch and comfortably mold to your feet after some uses.

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