Summer Fashion Trends for Espadrilles

Ah summer! It’s the season to let your hair down in the warmth of the sunshine, go casual, and go minimal with clothing. It’s the time of the year when you finally enjoy freedom of movement from wearing less and oh that welcome hotness so missed in the far colder months of the year! And then there are places on the planet with everlasting summery weather all year-round. These are the tropical countries where cool clothes are the tall order.

Wherever on the planet you may be, so long as hot and dry weather requires cooler clothes and shoes to match, it’s time to get your authentic Spanish espadrilles and wedges ready! This wardrobe basic is a must-have, really. Over the years, it has earned its honourable place as an iconic fashion piece that is both beautiful and practical. And why not? It may be lovingly hand-made by genuine artisans in Spain, but it has long ago reached far and wide across the globe, infiltrating fashion cultures. It has graced countless fashion shows and magazines in the Unites States alone and still continue to grow in popularity if that is possible. It comes in many varied colours and colour combinations, and there’s one that’s sure to catch your eye.

Authentic Spanish espadrilles and wedges symbolize a way of life. A life pictured as carefree, comfortable, fun, colourful, vibrant, creative, easygoing, and environmentally responsible. What fashion trends influence buyers to purchase these kinds of shoes?


Summer or tropical weather conditions have predictable fashion trends. Jeans are probably the most common clothing across all sexes, body types, and ages. They can be worn by males and females, young and old alike, thin and fat and all those in-between. Plus they generally look more formal, hence they can be worn during daytime and into the night for dinner dates and other activities. A quick change of blouse or polo shirt can transform your appearance into something more formal and dressy. Authentic espadrilles and wedge sandals certainly go well with jeans, and you’ll find them in women’s and men’s categories.


Shorts are basically very casual, but there are styles that are dressier and can be worn to dinner dates. They can be paired with regular shirts or paired with more spirited tops that can make the ensemble more formal-looking to suit the occasion. Whatever the theme your specific style has created authentic espadrilles and wedges is the perfect match to this perfect summer outfit. Match it up with similar colours, or be more daring by using contrasting colours. Whatever you do, you can hardly go wrong with these great shoes!

Summer Dresses

Summer dresses are very pretty indeed! And what better way to compliment this cool summer clothing that to pair it with equally pretty authentic espadrilles and wedge sandals. Take your pick from the flat and exceptionally comfy espadrilles to the more alluring wedges that will surely add pizzazz to your overall summer look. The colour options and designs will leave you smiling from ear to ear, and there is no doubt they will add beauty to your total look.

Environmental Concern

One thing that is neither clothing nor shoes, but is trending as worldwide, is climate change. It has become fashionable to be concerned and to act favourably on environmental issues by taking concrete steps to help improve the global situation. One way to do this is to support and patronize products that use environment-friendly raw materials. VISCATA, for one, uses safe materials such as vegetable fibres also known as jute. With our authentic espadrilles and wedges, you are providing absolute comfort leading to better health while at the same time contributing the same to society.

These authentic Spanish espadrilles and wedge sandals are perfect in a cosmopolitan setting or at the beach. They are totally functional and are gorgeous for walking, just as they are for summer parties. They are very versatile as they can be paired with many wardrobe options, and can be worn at daytime and nighttimes, from sunrise to sundown, and what comes after.

Stay in fashion in the truest sense of the word. Have fun. Have colour. Have style. Have comfort. Have the best. Have authentic Spanish espadrilles and wedges. Have a heart. You know your green advocacy is in safe and strong hands, and will go a long, long way. Browse our wide selection now and click away!

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