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Espadrilles for Your Springtime Wedding

Weddings are just gorgeous, happy occasions! Everyone celebrates the love of the bride and groom and wishes them happiness. Surroundings are creatively beautiful, teeming with the personalities of the couple. It’s a life event that should be perfect as it will be forever preserved in memory.

Different styles for different couples. Spring is a wonderful season to get married, with all the bright-coloured flowers, and the sunshine making it possible to hold it outdoors in commune with nature itself. The sky is the limit! It can be a tented affair on a lush green lawn, a beach affair, high on a mountaintop, or anything the couple so desires.

But whatever or wherever the wedding theme ends up being, one thing is for certain. VISCATA authentic Spanish espadrille flats and wedges are great and appropriate for spring wedding outfits — whether you’re the bride, groom, or guest. Their lightweight and comfortable fabrics ensure cooling comfort for your feet and soles. With their natural biodegradable materials honouring nature, it makes them all the more a fabulous choice to complete your wedding ensemble.

Following are some tips on how to have a fun spring wedding with style:

The Decorations

Create a nature theme by infusing artificial insects into the décor such as ladybugs which symbolize good luck, and bumblebees which represent honey which in turn could refer to your future spouse. For a beachy feel, use linen in ocean colours, chairs made of bamboo, and candlelight. You can label every table with the name of your favourite places that have become meaningful to both of you. Fruits in season may also be combined with other ornaments for centrepieces or other decorative arrangements. The possibilities are bountiful and one’s creativity is the limit.

The Invites

The wedding invitations are the first physical manifestation of your wedding as it involves the guest. It is the very first impression your invited public will ever have of your milestone, so make it count. The eyes are the windows to a soul as to invites are the sneak peak to your wedding. It should be as flawless as possible, that is not to say that it should be expensive and classy beyond your taste and budget. It can have all the personal touches on it however simple or outrageous or even unclassy, but make sure the important details such as dates, spelling, and grammar are all correct. There is a difference between being true to your taste and simply being sloppy.

Make your invites memorable by choosing a significant and relevant logo or design and use it wherever you can – in thank you and save-the-date cards. This way it will stand out and become a personal stamp unique to you and your partner.


Flowers, flowers, flowers! They epitomize the spring season, so be generous with them. You have the option and the excuse to include fruits to bouquets and floral arrangements elsewhere – on tables, isles, the altar, anywhere you can think of. You may choose a specific palette and create monochromatic hues of flowers and accessories to heighten your colour theme. Although yellow is a great spring colour theme with its vibrant, cheery and sunny vibe, you can select from other different and exciting warm colours of the season. A garden setting rich with lushness can easily be created using fresh materials and ornaments.

The Menu

The yummy phase! Celebrations are never complete without great delicious food for everyone to enjoy. Put together a carefully thought-out menu from drinks and cocktails all the way down to desserts and coffee or tea. Make sure everyone is covered – that is to say, older guests who may have certain illnesses and will require special food. There may be guests who have diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, etc. Then again, there may be vegetarians or people who are simply on a diet to lose weight and improve their health. As they say, never leave anyone out! Provide alternatives or options for these kinds of guests. Having fresh salads and fruits is one, so does having sugar-free desserts and sweeteners for coffees. Add pizzazz by having cocktail drinks in different spring colours or the wedding’s dominant colour theme.

The Cake

The options are endless! The wedding cake is the centrepiece at the reception, so give you time to think about what kind of cake to have. It can be a traditional one with a classy design, or it can be truly creative and highly personalized bearing details significant to you and your partner. Whatever final design you choose to have, make sure the inside tastes just as good as it looks on the outside. Some guests may want to have a taste of it and it won’t create a lasting impression if the foundation with which it’s made of sucks. Or then again, it might.

The Peripherals

Often, it’s the tiny things or littlest details that can make or break the quality of a wedding celebration. So thinks of the comfort of your guests and provide amenities that will keep them comfortable throughout the duration of the whole occasion. Bear in mind that the spring air though wonderful and appreciated, can take a toll on the physical wellbeing of each guest, and their mood. You would want to keep everyone happy even if the activity is your day and not theirs. Ensuring good vibes are in abundance will have a ripple effect, making the entire event a joyous and memorable one.

Provide shades and parasols that blend in with the theme to protect your guests from the glare of the sun should it become too much for them. Provide fresh and iced water in pretty jars with fruit slices for the relief of the guests. Think of other ways that show concern and give assurance of a grand time to your guests.

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime life events (maybe twice) that deserve all the love, attention, and hard work to make them as perfect as possible. A good thing to remember when hosting a wedding outdoors, be it on a sandy beach or a lush lawn, wear authentic Spanish espadrille flats and wedges to the occasion for comfort and spring style. After all, who wants their heels digging into sand or soil?

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