10 Must Have Summer Looks for 2015

10 Must Have Summer Looks for 2015

Summer consists of longer days with the sun shining gloriously all around! It’s definitely a time for fun, lively colors, and summer getaways. As with other seasons, it requires a specific set of clothing, shoes, and accessories to match the often scorching temperatures. And you guess right! Espadrilles and wedge sandals are two of the standard summer shoes everyone ought to have. This year is no different from years past; these two fashion pieces continue to be regular staples that every wardrobe should possess.

Summer 2015 like most other times gets its inspiration from fashion themes of other time periods usually grouped into decades. For example, the 70s was characterized by floral, fringes, and fun.

1. Floral Power Prints

It’s flower power time! But forget the tiny flowers. This year bigger is better! Floral prints this time around will be huge, bold, and in full bloom. It will indeed be very summery and colourful, in true summer fashion!

2. Powder Blue
Powder blue is reminiscent of a suit consisting of two pieces that includes a shirt with ruffles, something that can be worn to a prom. This year however is different. Powder blue will be worn in other different ways, none of which resemble the look describes above. Instead, it can be in the form of a tee simply and casually worn over a pair of shorts or it could be the shorts itself. It can also take the form of a casual printed summer dress, or a dressier version that can be worn at night.

3. Hot Pink
Hot Pink craves attention and is ultra feminine. It is bold, daring, and playful, much like many women these days. Wearing it makes every girl feel even more girlie, confident, and naughty.

4. Nautical
The nautical influence is self-explanatory. Summer also symbolizes water, beaches, and the ocean. Stripes have long been a summer staple and this year is no different. Stripes are fun whether they are horizontal or vertical.

5. Zen Minimalist Style
The Zen influence has a minimalist style to it. It is the exact opposite of the bold, flashy, and daring colours and prints akin to the other trends for summer 2015. In contrast, it is composed of colours that are basic and neutral, as well as subdued. The design or lines of clothing are straight, basic, and very clean and uncluttered.

6. The Yellow Dress
Summer is synonymous with sunlight and cheerful happy colours. What better way to put it into fashion that having a yellow dress symbolize this season. Yellow is an iconic shade of summer and the styles to match it are: floaty and carefree.

7. Fringe
What would the seventies be like without the distinctive style of fringing? Fringes are a definitive style of this decade. There will be other ways to wear it other than the usual suede material. Be creative and enjoy the fringe fashion trend this summer.

8. White Lace
Alluring yet subtle, white lace has a transparency quality that gives it an ethereal appearance. It is sexy yet innocent, much like the perfect heroines of romantic stories and movies. It has an old, conservative appeal that is timeless and expensive-looking.

9. Jumpsuits
Fashion houses have chosen to be creative about this utilitarian fashion style that draws inspiration from the industrial influence. This fashion piece can be dressed up with fashion accessories such as belts, appropriate jewellery, and scarves. Other modifications include exceptionally longer zippers, huge buttons, and straps.

10. Denims
Denims are the forever fashion item. But this time around, the imagination is the limit. Reinvention is the magic word for this year’s summer. Different shades of blues plus different textured designs come to the fore. The styles range from the cowgirl look to patchwork creativity to the British-inspired trench. Then again there’s one for every girl from the prim and proper type to the foxy siren.

Authentic Spanish Espadrilles and Wedges
In all these ten must-have summer looks, one thing stands out. It is the fact that summer looks are not complete without the perfect summer shoes. Just as your body needs light, cool materials and styles to breathe, so should your feet! There is no better way to provide cooling relief than by wearing authentic espadrilles and wedge sandals. They are made of lightweight fabrics in almost every colour and design imaginable that you will certainly find one for any colour of clothing you need to match it with. Comfort is a guarantee you are sure to get from these shoes made for summers and the tropics. Summer is a time to relax, unwind, and have fun. Make sure you have a perfect one by keeping comfort nearby without sacrificing your fashion sense.

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