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10 To-Do Things this Fall

Scott Fiztgerald once said " Life starts over again when it gets crisp in the fall".

Even though this could definitely be one of the most unusual falls ever and many would certainly love their lives to start over again, there is no reason why you should not enjoy those little things we all love about the season, always staying safe and healthy.

Maybe it is just the mere fact of sitting down and watching the leaves turn or maybe it is a more elaborate activity. Your choice. But either way, it is a matter of enjoying our lives to the fullest, isn't it?

Here you have Viscata's 10 sugggestions to fill your personal Fall's To-Do List. Best of all is that you can easily wear your espadrilles in every single of these occasions and we can prove it ;)

1. Visit a pumpkin patch or get lost in a corn maze.

We know, we know. It is a bit of a cliché but to be honest, who doesn't love the fun of spending a fall afternoon in any of these two seasonal locations? Apart from the guaranteed fun, you'll also be supporting your local farmers and it is a fantastic way to chill with family or friends outdoors.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Get lost in a corn maze

Wear a pair of our Vigata leather flatform espadrilles and your feet never get tired of strolling around the pumpkin patch or running through the maze. They will be the best match to a laid back look with your favorite distressed jeans and a basic tee. They come in four super cool colors.

Vigata Leather Flatform espadrilles

2. Carve pumpkins.

This ancestral tradition of carving faces on turnips and light them with candles to scare ghosts away comes from Ireland and it can be your next to-do task after visiting the pumpkin patch and picking out our samples.

Indeed, deciding how to decorate the pumpkins will be a very enjoyable way to spend a family evening and a must-do activity before Halloween. It is definitely loads of fun and helps to push futher your children's and your own creative limits.


To be at home or in your back garden carving pumpkins with your family and/or friends we believe our Estasia suede flat espadrille will be a great choice. Extra comfy, with simple lines and super chic.

Espadrilles-Flat -Camel-Suede-Estasia

3. Go apple picking and leaf-peeping.

Both are so beneficial for both your physical and psychological well-being. First of all, they will get you off the couch and enjoy the benefits of being surrounded and connect with nature.

Go apple-picking

It also brings family and/or friends together and we all know , now more than ever, that this is something that brings immense happiness to our lives.

And, it will certainly give you peace of mind and a chance to slow down and just relax, something that is so necessary nowawdays.


To enjoy a day in the forest you will probably think of wearing your favorite sneakers to match your relaxed look. We agree, they can be one of the options. But, we would like to offer a cool alternative to your trainers. Wear a pair of our Joana sneakerdrilles, combining the comfort of the sneaker and the effortless chic look of the espadrille. They are your real winners for sure!

leather-ivory- flatform- sneakerdrille -Joana-Viscata

4. Have a Family Game Night or Host a Friends Game Night

Is it not nice to get away from digital devices and virtual socializing? We think it is more than nice, it is mandatory.

This fall organize a family game night or gather a few friends at your place for a fun evening. It can be board games, cards, adult drinking games or even some outdoor treasure hunt in the garden.

Host a games nite

Everyone present will have a shared project in the form of a game. This closeness allows for a type of bonding that virtual socializing cannot bring. Given our current circumstances, keep it safe and meet up with only your closest circle of friends or family members.

For this type of soirée it pretty much depends on your choice. A casual look or something more sophisticated? We have opted for one of our wedge styles, which can be easily dressed up or down accordingly. Wear our stylish Ullastreet suede wedges and you will never go wrong!


5. Cozy stay-ins: Have a Halloween movie marathon or curl up with a good book.

After the pandemic, we all feel a bit more reluctant to go to the movies and we shall prefer to stay home and enjoy a good film from our sofa.

Have a halloween-movie marathon

A Halloween theme is just one option but there are obviously tones of other good ones that can be as much fun. Go on Netflix or your favorite digital platform and pick a bunch of your favorite film or series. Make a huge bucket of popcorn and there you have a super simple but fab way to enjoy an evening in good company.

Or maybe, you'd rather make yourself cozy by curling up on the couch or on your favorite armchair, grab your latest book and be transported to another time or place through its pages. Amazing likewise!

Curl up with a good book

For these cozy evenings we are sure what everyone has in mind is wearing their slippers or a pair of fluffy socks, but Viscata knows for a fact that its wonderful espadrilles can be as comfy as your slippers. Maybe a pair of our soft Palafolls suede mules will do the job? Cute, aren't they?


6. Enjoy some hot chocolate or apple cider.

Or anything pumpkin-spice will also do. It can be the perfect match to section 5 but any moment is a great moment to indulge yourself with a nice beverage, don't you think?

Drink hot spiced cider

You can enjoy these drinks in any type of location so all our styles could be a good choice. However, we'd love to suggest our slingback wedge Palomera for a nice evening catching up with your bestie or your crush at a cozy coffee shop. Sleek and stylish this wedge will go well with a more dressy look and a more relaxed option.

Espadrilles-Wedges-Leopard- Suede-Palomera

7. Dress up for Halloween.

So much fun! Not only when you finally get your custome on but all the prepping before it together with your house/porch decorations.

Dress up for Halloween

What's the best? The fun of DIYing all together: either in family or with friends. Halloween is not just for kids any more. We all love it.

The combinations of customes with our espadrilles are endless. One of favorite Halloween customes is Witch. So, we'd like to suggest our Roses Wedge Pump as the perfect broomstick buddie ;)


But for other type of costume, just have a look at the different suggestions we gave you in our Halloween blog post.

8. Have a family/ friends picnic outside.

A fall picnic is the best chance to spend some quality time with family or friends outside.

The fall season can even be much more attractive for eating al fresco because the weather is milder, there will be fewer possibilities to get sun burnt or a heat stroke and bugs will no bother you that much and you will avoid summer crowds.

A perfect occasion to slow down from our hectic daily routine, while enjoying the splendour of fall foliage, the invigorating autumnal fresh air and some comfort food accompanied by a thermos hot cider. Totally hyggelig.

Fall Outdoor picnic

To go on a picnic we'd like to offer you two different options. One suitable for a more sporty look and another more romantic like.

For the former, we believe our Ravener sneakerdrilles will be ideal, in case you fancy a small stroll around or even a short hike before or after the picnic.

espadrille-camel-suede- sneakerdrilles -Ravener-Viscata-

On the other hand, if you choose and more romantic, boho-chic look, we believe our Fosca lace up wedges will be the right choice.


9. Bake an apple pie or make pumpkin muffins/pancakes.

Fall calls for some prime-time foliage but it is also the season for baking. During fall, our favorite comfort foods will little by little replace the summer salads, cold sandwiches and ice-creams that we enjoy in summer.

But, what this season is surely best for (when it comes to eats) is all about the baked goods. At the end of the day, is there anything nicer than walking into a home that smells like fresh baked apple pie or pumpkin muffins?

Bake a Fall Apple Pie

Pick your favorite dish, get cozy and get baking!

Bake Pumpkin-Muffins

You can feel cozy and comfy in a pair of espadrilles. That's a fact. For a baking evening where your feet can get tired of standing we suggest one of our iconic low wedges: Pubol.


10. Make a list of things you're thankful for.

Even though being thankful is normally associated to Thanksgiving Day, we'd all agree that any moment in life is perfect to express how thankful you are.

Don't be ashamed to get emotional. These times we are living are being extremely testing and many of us had time to reflect and stop moaning about those - silly and unimportant things- we can't have.

Sit down with your partner, your family, your friends or by yourself if you prefer. Write down your list. Even when life gets tougher, there is always something to be thankful for.


At Viscata we are thankful for many reasons.

Just to mention a very few, we are grateful because we have YOU, our customers and followers, and thus, our small family is growing day after day.

We are also thankful because we are given the possibility to work in our passionate purpose everyday and we super love what we do. We immensely enjoy the whole process of creating our espadrilles and we are so glad we can deliver a tiny bit of happiness to your homes in each small package.

Therefore, the Viscata team would like to THANK YOU, from tthe bottom of our heart.

Please, do stay safe and enjoy whatever this fall has in store for you ... best in your Viscata espadrilles.

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