Women wearing Viscata espadrilles. Handmade in Spain.

The Best Resort Shoe for 2017: Hello, Espadrilles

Is your passport beckoning? Few things in life spell pleasure like travel, and every style-savvy traveler knows you have to pack smart. This means your resort wear must be three things: versatile, lightweight, and always chic. When packing, your shoes will typically take up the most suitcase space. The one pair you absolutely need for your travel adventures this year? Spanish espadrilles — the best resort shoes, hands down.

Your Perfect Travel Companions

Ultra-light, comfortable, and breathable espadrilles are your perfect travel companions. Espadrille wedges and flats capture the classic resort style that is both laid-back yet sophisticated. These ideal resort shoes can be easily dressed up or down for any occasion, whether you’re strolling down sun-drenched beaches, exploring new cities, or dancing the night away. Espadrille wedges and flats are also ideal for your day-to-night looks, from the cafe to the dance floor.

Imagine sipping a cocktail by the sea, strolling through an art gallery, or watching the brilliant sunset — all while feeling as radiant and beautiful as your surroundings. Whether you wake up in a boutique hotel, a waterfront villa, or a charming downtown loft, your espadrilles will fit right in and elevate your wardrobe.

It’s no wonder espadrilles have been mainstays on runways and in resort wear collections all over the world, and all the more reason you need a pair for your world travels. In fact, you need at least two: a pair of espadrille flats and a pair of wedges, so all your bases are covered, no matter what the travel itinerary has in store. Throw in a pair of packing-friendly, super lightweight Avarca sandals made with buttery-soft leather, and you are good to go!

Pack Smart, Pack Stylish

A versatile pair of shoes such as espadrilles mean you can pack smarter, lighter, and more stylishly. Traveling light and stress-free is always on trend, and shoes can be the toughest pieces in your wardrobe to pack. Plus, shoes that multitask as well as the espadrille mean you can fit in another cute outfit or two, and leave more room in your luggage for some amazing souvenirs!

Authentic espadrilles feature soft, lightweight textures such as linen, canvas, and eco-friendly jute soles and heels. This makes them super easy for packing and for your in-transit outfits.

Here’s a tip: make sure you’re buying truly authentic Spanish espadrilles crafted with the highest quality materials. Lower quality brands will have stiffer, less breathable textures, which could lead to bulky packing, uncomfortable walking, and aching feet. Why settle for less?

When traveling and exploring from place to place, the last thing you need is to lug around an overstuffed suitcase filled with heavy, clunky footwear, and you certainly shouldn’t be slowed down by painful blisters. The resort lifestyle is all about leisure and loving life, and your fashion choices should reflect that. You definitely don’t want to rush through an airport or catch your high-speed train with a bulky bag and painful shoes. With a pair of premium espadrille flats, a pair of beautiful wedge heels, and a pair of lightweight sandals, you’ll be prepared for a breezy, stress-free (and blister free!) getaway.

With a premium brand espadrille, you can’t find a more comfortable and fashion-forward shoe for your globe trotting via planes, trains, and automobiles. After all, the journey is often just as important as the destination itself, and you want to journey well — and look good doing it, of course!

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