How to celebrate 4th July

4th of July celebrations: How to do it in style!

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by putting on a kickass BBQ? Here's 10 ways to make sure you throw a most memorable 4th of July weekend party. Ever.

Ask most men and they'd say that all your need for the perfect 4th of July are hot dogs, a few cold beers and some seriously epic fireworks. Here at Viscata, we like to think there's more refined way to enjoy the day... Take a look at these tips:

1. Pick your Location

Yard too small to host the epic party you're planning? Then get together with your neighbors and throw your bash in your local park!

2. Cool Drinks

We've got one word for you, and that is: cocktails. And the more refreshing the better. Nothing says the 4th of July like a fizzy themed drink. Just make sure to include some red, white, and blue in there to set up the tone for this holiday! Now you're ready to party...

3. Patriotic Playlist

How can you have the perfect 4th of July celebration without music? A patriotic 4th of July playlist need to include some classics like Lenny Kravitz's American Woman, Katy Perry’s Firework, or Miley Cyrus' Party In The U.S.A. Create your own, or try YouTube...

4. Tasty Treats

Bake red, white and blue cupcakes or star-shaped cookies (if you have time). And if you can't do without some good old fashioned American food, just get some ribs on the BBQ. For something a bit more healthy, try some star-spangled watermelon. Perfect for when it's getting hot out in the yard!

5. Get Sporty

Another great American tradition is our love for sport. So why not get everyone up and out of their deck chairs to work up an appetite? Try Dodgeball with water balloons! Divide your group into two teams and fill up some red, white, and blue water balloons. If you get hit, you’re out and the last one standing wins!

6. The Pyrotechnics

Ever wondered
why we go mad for fireworks every year? What is the actual history behind this noisy colorful display? After Thomas Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, whenever the document was read in public it was marked by big bonfires and the firing of muskets. So to keep the tradition alive we set off some fireworks! It's much easier than a bonfire - and besides - when was the last time you saw a musket?!

7. The Guest List

Friends and family - where would we be without them? July 4th is all about your loved ones so make sure you pick the right mix of invitees for your big bash. We think 20 is the perfect number - but it's up to you. And if you're feeling a bit crafty, you could even make your own stars and stripes invites...

9. Outfit in Red, White and Blue

If you're looking for some signature 4th of July style, what about some American Flag shorts? If you have an old pair of jeans lying around, try cutting them up, adding some stars and stripes to them and turning them into a wearable flag! Remember: the stars go on the left...

9. Party Games

After the BBQ is done and the fireworks have exploded, liven up proceedings with a few Independence Day themed games. We like this Patriotic Bingo by

There are 10 icons and each one is Independence-Day themed - you'll be looking to strike off Thomas Jefferson, the Star-Spangled banner, a bald eagle, fireworks and other red, white and blue objects! Get five in a row and you'll win! It will keep the kids entertained too...

10. The Shoes

Unsurprisingly we can help you out here... To make sure that your All-American bash goes off with a bang, your feet will need to be looking sweet too. So check out our selection of red, white and blue shoes!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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