What to Pack for a Weekend Summer Getaway

It’s summertime once again! Going on a summer getaway? Having a problem thinking what to pack for the trip? Fret no more, following are very helpful tips that will surely benefit you. Summer clothes are thin and light. Dressing is minimal owing to the hot weather. Shoes are no different. Boots that take up a lot of space and weigh a ton are out. Easy breezy, right? Right, except that you still need to consider certain factors to ensure you bring everything you need and make your trip a delight instead of a disaster.

Time, Activities, Practicality
Time is of the essence here. Rushing will get you nowhere near your goal of packing the right things. Give yourself several days prior to the trip to think about your itinerary and the activities you expect to undergo throughout a weekend summer getaway. Are you planning to visit churches in which case you might need to cover yourself appropriately as skimpy summer t-shirts may not be allowed inside them. Are you planning on eating at formal restaurants in which case you will need dressier ensembles. Or are you going to indulge in exploring ruins in which case it will require another set of sturdy outfits. The list is endless and the possibilities are tapered only by your imagination. Whatever you intend on doing on your weekend adventure, certain basic wardrobe pieces are a must for their practicality and versatility. Examples of these include a blazer, a scarf, an open sweater, and others. These fashion pieces can allow you to change looks with the same clothes while also providing a means to keep warm during the cooler temperatures come nighttime. Starting to pack several days in advance gives you more time to think about what to include in your suitcase of bag, as well as what to remove or take out after careful thought.

Gadgets or maybe no gadgets at all
Gadgets are not just limited to laptops, tablets, charging devices, and the like. Hair dryers and iron curlers and straighteners share the same category and may just be as essential to someone. They do however, eat up too much space. Try a few hairstyles that are appropriate for summer like letting your hair loose with some quick and handy hair treatments like mousse to achieve the style you want. Better yet, tie it back to adapt to the heat. Some food for thought, by the way! Since your trip is just a short one, why not make the most of it and do something different from your normal routing which probably includes using technology. Take advantage of this short vacation by seeing the sights, going around, dipping in the beach, partying, or anything that makes the most of this precious time. Meet new people, socialize!

A weekend getaway does not always have to be gregarious and wild. It can be quiet but pleasant and relaxing. If your intention is to recharge your exhausted nerves, by all means stay away from the noise and the crowd. But whichever kind of a summer weekend getaway you have in mind, it is safe to pack a few things for your own entertainment. These include books, magazines, your iPod, a pack of cards, or anything that entertains you. Keep it to a minimum though so you can still travel light. After all, it’s just for the weekend.

Beauty... just have fun!
Try not to bring your shampoo straight from your bathroom to your travel bag. Get miniature-sized versions of your beauty regimen. Or repack them in small travel containers. Don’t forget to bring a generous amount of sunscreen though. The summer heat can be harmful to your skin and health, and you might need to re-apply every now and then especially if you happen to have sensitive skin that easily burns.

Below are two types of summer weekend getaways, a city vacation and a beach vacation. Suggestions for wardrobe pieces that are deemed essential are listed for your guidance.

City Getaway

  • A couple of pants
  • Four to six tops are the minimum, so you have the liberty to add a few more especially since they consume very little space. Include at the very least two casual shirts, a cool piece with some dazzle for an evening out, and a tank top.
  • One shorts that can allow you to either dress it down or dress it up depending on the occasion
  • One skirt
  • One summer dress or maxi dress
  • One swimsuit
  • Three pairs of shoes – VISCATA authentic espadrilles, VISCATA authentic wedges, and flip-flops
  • Accessories

Beach Getaway

The choices above provide both comfort and versatility, not to mention lightweight travel. For example, a maxi dress suits all body types, packs easily, and can be worn different ways. Donned over a swimsuit by the beach with matching authentic espadrilles, it creates a casual look. But used at night with authentic wedge sandals plus some jewellery to boot, it easily transforms into a summer party look.

Summer is synonymous with fun and spontaneity. Something unplanned might just crop up and you might find yourself swept away to a party or for drinks, so it’s best to always be prepared and have a few pieces that can spice up your appearance.

Authentic espadrilles and wedges are the perfect shoes for your weekend summer getaway! They are sturdy, stylish, cool and breathable to match the summer heat, trendy, practical and are available in summer colors to match your vibrant summer outfits. They are great for all ages, all figures, and all demanding shoe fashionistas. They are a staple for the summers and have long been in fashion summer after summer after summer. Best of all, they are 100% biodegradable and Eco-friendly. They help solve the problem of global warming by helping cure the environment. Each pair you own would have planted a tree at a location of your choice.

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