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10 must-have fashion trends you need to know for F/W 2020

Summer is now long behind us. And it was definitely a strange one. Very little chance to strut your stuff. Beaches closed. And, let’s face it, it’s a bit challenging - yet not impossible - to look gorgeous in a mask.

But what’s done is done and even though some would love to have a prolonged summer, the truth is that now we are right into the new 2020 fall/winter season - and we must admit that a new season is something that always gets us excited at Viscata. Obviously, we follow the trends with passion and interest seeking inspiration from colors, materials, styles and new thinking so that we stay ahead of the game.

So, when we sent our young fashionistas out in search of what would be the on-trend styles this fall/winter, these are some of the things that they came up with.

Dressing up

Fantasy has been all the rage for the last few years, from Game of Thrones to The Hunger Games. Dreamy dresses have taken center stage in 2020 and that is set to continue into the Autumn.

Brandon Maxwell FW20 dress

Some of the biggest names in the business got into the act this year, with Givenchy and Valentino throwing out some breathtaking designs. But cult labels such as Khaite and Brandon Maxwell were also getting in on the act in 2020 creating dazzling gowns in glamorous colors with glorious details. These might not be the dresses you wear out every day. But when you do find the right occasion, you’ll be the belle of the ball.

Brandon Maxwell FW20 dress

Big collars

Paying homage to the power suits of the 80s, keep an eye out this Fall for a new variant on a theme - super sized collars. Giant colored or plain collars, in the Victorian style, are cascading over the shoulders of our catwalk models and they are coupled with bright colors such as bright blue and acid green. These are statements that make sure that your shirt makes you stand out from the crowd.

bobo collar-FW 20 trend

What's even more great about this trend? Well, the detachable collars that you can remove and style at your whim. You can layer them over an old sweater and suddenly you'll have another brand new outfit ready to go.

Removable collar FW20 trend

Fringe benefits

Who would have thought fringes would be making a comeback. We’re not talking about hairstyles, but one of the top trends for FW 2020.

Fringes have been making a modest comeback for the last few years, mostly on the edges of major collections. But now, fringes are back with a purpose and you can expect to see more of them in the coming months. Fringes are now regularly appearing in the collections of some of the biggest names in fashion. Fringes make a real statement, whether on a minimalist dress or a complex gown, done right they can really get you noticed. The key is, therefore, to embrace them on your everyday items.

Let the fringe take centre stage in your outfits and keep the rest of your look discrete. Your fringes will elevate your outfit from also-ran to outright winner.

FW20 Fringe trend

Leather, leather, leather

In case you hadn’t noticed this, leather has been everywhere this year. And looking at the trends for Autumn/Winter, leather shows no sign of going out of style any time soon.

Everyone from Versace to Petrov have been showcasing tier leather on the catwalks. And the styles are not just recycled from previous years, but there are genuine new developments coming through.

In a world of synthetic fabrics, black, brown and burgundy leather is now being worn from head to toe. All types of leather separates like soft leather culottes, pants and luxury shirts are all using leather for inspiration - some fabrics never go out of style, especially if they’ve been rethought and improved. But if there is a piece that will be rocking it this season is the Matrix-inspired leather coat/trench.

FW20-Leather trend Matrix coat

What can't be denied is that if you decide on investing in luxurious leather goods you will never go wrong as you will have pieces in your wardrobe that you will be able to style forever.

FW20-Leather trend

70s retro chic

The 70s are back this season and is a constant source of inspiration for the catwalk. This year, a more prosaic and sophisticated version of 70s chic is taking centre stage. Retro chic is making an appearance on most major designer’s menus including tailored items from Yves St. Laurent and retro sweaters from Prada and Victoria Beckham.

But the key here is how you accessorize these vintage inspired pieces to get control of the overall look. Try rummaging through your closets to see what you might have hidden away to accompany the look. Go for muted colors, such as navy, brown or gray. And if in doubt, add layers.

Animal print: Tiger and zebra patterns

Every season there is an animal print to adore. This trend has proven to have major staying power and we can't agree more. This fall, apart from the perennial leopard print, everyone is going crazy about tiger and zebra patterns. They are both fresh and fun and will surely liven up any of your monochrome outfits without going overboard.

Tiger print FW 20

The combination of black and warm brown for tiger and black and mint green or burgundy for zebra will match this fall's sweater weather perfectly.

Zebra print FW20

Chained for life

The Italian glamour par excellence is making his comeback with this iconic print à la Versace. Chains can be found as a pattern everywhere you look. It gives that extra vintage touch your fall looks need.

Apart from a clothing pattern, chains in all forms are becoming the must-have accessory, especially in their oversize versions. You will see them in earrings, bracelets or necklaces but also as ornament for handbags and purses.



New statement shoulders

Hello maximalism. Pronounced shoulders convey fortitude and control. Puffy sleeves, ruffles and frills will attract all the attention to your shoulders. Shirt dresses with balloon sleeves or jumpers featuring great volume details on the sleeves will be perfect to distract the focus from wider hips and waists.


New for this fall 2020 is the so called gigot sleeve, which delineates voluminous shoulders that taper down the arm, à la Princess Diana's wedding dress.

Statement shoulders FW20 trend


When it comes to outerwear, if you must choose one of the coat trends this fall go for the cape. It is not just for Hogwarts magicians any more.

The cape was by far one of the most spotted trends on the runways. Why? Easy to answer. The cape is modern, yet firmly classic, super chic and elegant, it can elevate any of your outfits and will not get outdated in years to come.


Don't be afraid to take a fashion risk with super trendy shilouette. Throw one over your shoulders, the more voluminous the better, and walk in confidence, like a real super-hero.

Knitted vest

How could we have predicted that the sweater vest trend would actually be cool as an adult? Unexpected, yeah, but knit vests are the new "grandpa" trend that is taking over this fall. Influencers are showing off their retro sweater vests all over Instagram, easing into the fall season. If you need further proof the sleeveless knit is fashion-approved, look to luxury powerhouses like Prada, Gucci and Dior as all of them have included styles in their FW 20 collections.

Thanks to original patterns and oversized options the sweater vests feel very modern. In fact, you are going to love them as they are a great addition to your wardrobe for that in-between seasons weather.

Dior - Sweater vest FW20 trend

Have you got your favorites yet? The great thing about trends is that the ultimate choice is always yours. Because, at the end of the day, the key is that YOU feel great with what you wear, whether it is trendy or not.

And... best of all is that you can easily wear a pair of Viscata's wonderful espadrilles with any of them and you'll never go wrong!

Pick your favorite now!

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